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Fall 2015 Client Rules

Our clients all have modifications and special rules that apply to the games they administer and you are expected to know them when you referee those games. This document will give you the rules that apply to those games. You may want to download them, print them out and keep them with you.

The updated information include:

MSI Policy: Inclement Weather (lightning/thunder)—clock is stopped (old policy: clock continues to run). If less than 15 minutes left in the game, the game is terminated.

Howard County Public Schools—Stadium clock as official time is preferred.

Contact information (telephone number) for all MD high schools, and private schools. Referees can now call school if there’s any uncertainty about game status.

Pre-Season MWSRA High School Meetings

MWSRA will hold two pre-season scholastic (public/private schools, varsity, JV, or middle) clinics in August:

Reservoir High School, August 19th, Wednesday 6:30 -8 pm, Cafeteria


Churchill High School, August 24th, Monday, 7 – 8:30 pm, Cafeteria

MWSRA members who referee school games are encouraged to attend one of these clinics. Attendance at either clinic does fulfill the annual MWSRA attendance requirement.

We anticipate a few soccer coaches attending to provide their perspective on proper officiating.

For those who have not yet registered with NFHS (public high schools and middle schools), you can register with MWSRA at either clinic. Please bring a check in the amount of $34 made payable to MWSRA. We prefer that you pay by check. If you want to pay by cash, please bring the exact amount as the availability of change is limited. You will be given a NFHS rules book and NFHS pre-season guide. (Note: you will not get a rule book if you do not pay.)

MWSRA Certification Form for officiating in Montgomery County Public Schools: If you anticipate officiating games in Montgomery County, you must sign a MWSRA Certification form. Copies will be provided at both clinics, or you can download the form here and bring it with you.

If you registered with another soccer referee association, please send an email to Seth Cohen, our MWSRA Treasurer,, specifying which referee association.

Reminder to those officiating public high school games (NFHS). You must attend a state sponsored clinic if you want to referee public high school games in Maryland.

If you did not attend the July 29 meeting at Paint Branch, you can attend another clinic in the state. A list of other state sponsored clinics can be found at Once at the site, click on ‘Officials’ on the right-hand side of the page and then Rules Interpretation Clinics.

Reminder: You will also need to take the high school rules exam (which is administered online) prior to being able to officiate games. The test is administered on the Arbiter website beginning on August 10, 2015 and closing on August 31, 2015.   You will not have to send MWSRA your test score; we will be able to access it via Arbiter.

To take the exam, log into Arbiter ( Click on ‘MPSSAA Central Hub’ which will bring you to the main MPSSAA page. Then click on the ‘Testing’ tab on the top of the page, and then click on ‘Take Test’ next to the soccer exam on the right-had side of the page.

If you do not have an Arbiter account, please follow the instructions below:

Go to: Select ‘2015-16 MPSSAA Registration’ then complete the 7 steps to become registered.

Referee Reports

All games must have a report filed by the Center Referee within 48 hours.   Log in to file your report now.

Access the Game Management System

Red cards must be detailed in the report as well as emailed to your assignor.

Game Cancellations

Weather-related issues and cancellations:
SoccerPlex: 301-528-1497 Ext. 2
MCDR: 240-777-6889

Referee Gear

Official Sports - cash, check or charge
Bob Curran 301-622-6443
email Bob at: