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New Checklist for MSI Games

MWSRA has come up with a handy reminder for those of us who referee MSI games. You need to read the MSI rules and referee in accordance with those rules, but this is a quick checklist to help you recall those rules. You can download the PDF checklist here.


2014 Spring Rules Are Here

Please read (and copy) the rules that you will have to enforced for our clients this spring. Local rules vary from league to league and you are expected to know all the rules that govern each client’s games.

Referee Reports

All games must have a report filed by the Center Referee within 48 hours.   Log in to file your report now.

Access the Game Management System

Red cards must be detailed in the report as well as emailed to your assignor.

Game Cancellations

Weather-related issues and cancellations:
SoccerPlex: 301-528-1497 Ext. 2
MCDR: 240-777-6889

Referee Gear

Official Sports - cash, check or charge
Bob Curran 301-622-6443
email Bob at: