Public & Private School Background Check Requirement in Maryland

Public & Private School Background Check Requirement in Maryland

ALL MWSRA referees who work any public or private school soccer games in Maryland must complete the Prince George’s Public Schools security process for the upcoming year.

SEE INSTRUCTIONS HERE: MWSRA School Games Background Security Check Instructions 2017-2018

In addition, MWSRA will also verify that you are not on the Maryland Sex Offender database (Maryland Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services).

Note: If you only officiate youth or adult soccer games, such as MSI, CYO, PGCBGC, MCRD, HCRD, you do not have to complete this process.

The Maryland state government has set laws and procedures to require schools in Maryland and sports officials’ organizations to monitor adults who come into contact with school children at the school or at school-related activities. The implementation of these regulations vary by county and school; i.e., at the present there are no standard statewide procedures or guidelines.

These procedures do not require you to be fingerprinted or be interviewed by school authorities. Each soccer official who wants to accept a scholastic soccer assignment in Maryland from Wendell Hughes, MWSRA assignor, must follow the instructions listed below and forward a copy of their receipt. The only exception is if you are a Prince Georges Public School employee and have already been processed, please send an email containing your employee number to