Fines & Requirements

Fines & Requirements

MWSRA will assess a fine (deducted from paycheck) for referees for the following reasons:

MWSRA Active member MUST attend at least one MWSRA meeting each calendar year: $25
(Neither USSF Recertification Clinic(s) nor NFHS–MPSSAA clinic fulfills this requirement)

Missed game report: $10 
MWSRA Game Reports MUST be filed within 3 days following game date (e.g.; Saturday game entered by Tuesday night. 11:59 p.m.). For 3-ref matches, the Center referee is responsible for entering the game report. For 2-ref games, both referees are responsible for entering the game report.

Late Arrival: (but arrive before halftime)

  • 1st violation: $15
  • 2nd violation $30
  • 3rd violation: Entire Game Fee Penalized

Missed Game: Entire Game Fee Penalized

Improper Referee Uniform: up to $25
(See MWSRA Uniform Policy here)

Serious misapplication of league rules or referee conduct detrimental to MWSRA: up to $25

Not checked player cards (only MSI Classic): $10

Did not submit Required Security Clearance public schools: $15 per game
MCPS (sign one-page MWSRA form) or PGPS or DCIAA (submit forms on-line)

PGPS Commercial Background Disclosure Statement: Officiate PGPS Game without submission $10 per game date

MCPS Non-Criminal Statement: Officiate MCPS Game without submission of signed statement $10 per game date