Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy

The following lists the general code of dress for independently contracted soccer officials who agree to do games for the MWSRA clients. By accepting games from an approved MWSRA assignor, you also agree to this Uniform Policy and other standards set by MWSRA. These dress standards apply from the time you arrive at the game site until you leave the game site.  All crew members are expected to be similarly attired.

Download the MWSRA Uniform Policy 2017

Remember, your credibility depends upon how you are perceived by other referees, spectators, coaches, and players. Referees are professionals and are expected to dress professionally and appropriately while at the field, tournament site, or match you are officiating. You can be fined up to $25 for violating this uniform policy.

Key Updates in 2017:

  • MWSRA requires the use of USSF-approved jerseys (with double stripes). Officials are required to have the yellow AND green. It is strongly encouraged to also have a black jersey as an alternate.
  • The new 2016 USSF yellow jersey will be required starting Spring 2018. Old, double-striped jerseys of other colors will be accepted as well.
  • Old, single-striped jerseys of any color are no longer acceptable attire by the start of Spring 2018.
  • All visible undergarments must be black.