Important Reminders

Important Reminders

Review and Confirm the Rules Before Each Game: It is your responsibility to review this chart and confirm BEFORE each game with the coaches or home team representative for non-conference, inter-conference, or private middle school scholastic games the rules governing the particular game. The following charts outline the rules and regulations governing each major league or organization you may be assigned by MWSRA.

Game Reports: MWSRA Game Reports must be filed within 3 days following game date (e.g.; Saturday game entered by Tuesday night). All yellow/red cards and serious injuries must be entered into your MWSRA game report. Report red cards to your assignor within 24 hours.

Potential Head Injuries/Concussions: When a potential head injury occurs, stop play and call the coach and/or medical trainer onto the field. Do NOT attempt to treat or evaluate the player, even if you are a medical professional. Have the coach safely remove the player from the field and follow appropriate league procedures for head injuries and substitutions.

Inclement Weather Cancellations: For MSI & CYO games, call or look at website within 1 hour before your initial game time. For Adult Soccer Leagues, call appropriate phone numbers within 90 minutes before the start of first game.

Team Sportsmanship Liaison for CYO & MSI: Both CYO & MSI now require a TSL (Team Sportsmanship Liaison) to be assigned and participate in the coin toss before the game.

MSI Classic Player Cards Policy: Cards and team roster must be reviewed by referee either before the game or at half-time.  Referee the entire game and allow non-carded players to play the entire game.  If any players’ cards are not provided to the referee, enter in your report (a) a red card to the coach, (b) select the “Other” category and (c) add in the remarks section an explanation (i.e.; player number and last name, or entire teams cards were missing).

Request for Referee Name(s): If requested by teams before a game starts; not required to provide once a game begins.

NFHS -JV & Middle School Overtimes: Vary by county (JV Montgomery County 2-5 sudden victory; (Howard 1-5 minute; PG no overtime).